We support our clients in developing and executing their CRE, FM, Asset Management and Risk Management strategies in the context of their core business goals, strategies, brand values and culture. We achieve this by leveraging our 20 years of globally accumulated CRE services knowledge, experience and operational expertise, combined with fit-for-purpose best practice, standards and P&A intellectual property to deliver extraordinary results.


Each of our services is underpinned by:

  • Translating the learning from work P&A does in one sector or geography to other sectors and geographies.
  • Achieving strategic alignment between internal services functions and their customers.
  • Working synergistically and seamlessly with internal client teams.
  • Knowing what excellence looks like based on our broad and deep knowledge of the global supply-side and demand-side markets for CRE/FM/O&M and Asset Management services.
  • Identifying and interpreting the potential value of emerging concepts, innovation, dynamics and trends that are relevant to our clients.
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