In business today, margins between success and failure are being squeezed. Every dollar, euro, pound or yen invested has to deliver greater returns and this applies as much to Corporate Real Estate (CRE) assets as to production machinery. P&A’s Asset Management Optimization team helps both supply and demand-side clients worldwide to step back from the tactical day-to-day routine of simply maintaining assets and develop a more strategic continual improvement process leading to optimal results.

P&A bring experience and resources accumulated through 18 years of working closely with a wide variety of clients. Through careful analysis of existing processes we identify appropriate improvements and support our clients throughout the implementation of change to finally taking ownership of an optimized system for managing their assets. Our solutions are fully compliant with standards such as PAS 55 and ISO 55000 and are built to last, providing perpetual value for the business as a whole.

Major organizations own or lease large and diverse portfolios of physical assets that support core business activities.

The optimal management of these assets will significantly:

  • Reduce operational and capital costs
  • Reduce financial and reputational risk
  • Reduce health, safety and environmental (HSE) risk
  • Improve asset life-cycle performance
  • Improve overall organizational productivity

Market forces are driving a new level of accountability associated with asset management. Not only do asset management strategies need to be aligned with business strategies, but key decision-makers in an organization need the right information at the right time to make the right financial and risk-based decisions.

Putting in place a robust and standardized asset management platform will also:

  • Enable transformation and drive the right behaviour
  • Enable optimization of asset performance
  • Foster best practice and operational excellence
  • Deliver the right information to enable the right decisions to be made
  • Enable benchmarking across the organization

Consider your current operations… Do you have an asset management platform that utilizes consistent and best practice standards, processes, and systems to drive down operational costs, minimize risk, and optimize asset performance?


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